Solo course of taking Clenbuterol

Solo course Clenbuterol

Everyone knows that you need to eat less and move more to lose weight. In other words, creating a negative energy balance – you can learn about it in fitness classes. Lack of energy, and therefore calories, will force the body to burn its own reserves, namely fat. However, even the most basic calculations on the potential weight loss methods are unfortunate: weight loss at a rate of about three kilograms per week can be achieved with very strict dietary restrictions and moderately long and exhausting exercises. . And with “physiologically correct” weight loss in a week, you can get rid of an extra pound and a half at most. In short, with an excess of more than 5 kg, weight loss will be long and tedious, which means not sweets, cakes, bread, etc. Of course, not everyone can decide on this and, in this case, not everyone can decide on this. it can withstand all these limitations. Also, the reflection in the mirror changes relatively slowly, which means that you have not eaten your favorite candy / meatball in at least a week and the silhouette is not yet a well. Why can’t it be p-time – and everything perfect?

In fact, it is possible. Almost. There is a whole niche in pharmacology, sports nutrition and dietary supplements, filled with “p-time”, in other words, diet pills. Let’s talk about them.

Why was the diet pill designed?


Pharmacology for bodybuilders and athletes. This category includes a whole galaxy of drugs that you can buy from known or unknown dealers. Drugs are often contraband or illegal, in some cases pills that can be bought at pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription. These are usually not for fat burning, but for other purposes.

Drugs for the treatment of obesity. When we talk about drugs, we can distinguish the following categories: drugs that reduce or inhibit the absorption of fats or carbohydrates, drugs that affect metabolic processes, drugs that control hunger.

drugs that cause weight loss as a side effect. The instructions usually say “anorexia” or “anorexic drugs”. This includes most antidepressants.

How to take Сlenbuterol for weight loss

Сlenbuterol for weight loss

Although the instructions are attached to the drug, those who buy clenbuterol for weight loss just need to be aware of its contraindications and side effects. The regimen of taking drugs for weight loss differs from the recommended dose and duration of the course. There are also differences in the use of drugs for weight loss, to increase muscle mass, to dry the body, to make endurance. The following are more detailed diagrams for various purposes.

According to bodybuilders, the most effective weight loss course is clenbuterol alone. The initial dose of the drug on the first day of admission is 0.02 mg. Moreover, the dose should be increased 2 times daily, until the amount of the drug on the sixth day reaches 0.12 mg. There is no change in taking the drug from 6 to 12 days. At day 13, the dose was reduced to 0.08 mg. On the 14th day, the use of the drug should be added to the consumption of 0.04 mg. You need to take tablets in the morning, and in large doses, divide the dose into 2 times. You can not take the drug before going to bed at night – insomnia will occur.